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Coastal Physiotherapy Clinic and Coastal Hand Clinic in Gosford

Welcome to Coastal Physiotherapy Clinic and thankyou for visiting our website.

We are a multidisciplinary physiotherapy clinic in Gosford, on the NSW Central Coast, offering expert care across a wide range of areas of service.   We are able to offer assessment and treatment in the recovery from and rehabilitation of orthopaedic problems including neck and back pain, shoulder and knee problems as well as sports injuries.

We also have experienced professionals to assist you in hand injury management, women's health and paediatric conditions, and we additionally provide inpatient physiotherapy within Gosford Private Hospital. Whilst our main role in the hospital is in post operative orthopaedic treatment, we also provide physiotherapy to maternity, general surgery as well as intensive care patients.

Please browse our site, find out more about our team and the areas in which they can help you most. 

Serving the NSW Central Coast

We are a multidisciplinary clinic with diverse areas of expertise, supported by therapists who have many years of experience and advanced skills in these areas. We accept self referrals, but also welcome referral from other healthcare professionals such as your GP,  medical specialist or other treating professional. We are happy to also liaise with your current therapist as required.

For colleagues referring to us for our opinion, we will communicate our findings and liaise with you, referring the patient back to you for ongoing care unless you ask us to provide on-going treatment.

Practice Services


Core & Floor Exercise Classes   

Conducted at Terrigal One Martial Arts studio (the old St Marks' church site)

Introducing our new classes:

1. Post natal classes designed to bridge the gap between the early post natal period and traditional fitness exercise classes. With an emphasis on protecting and activating the core and floor muscles appropriately. We are particularly targeting those women who have suffered a separation of their abdominal recti musles or who have pelvis/& or back pain but all early post natal women are welcome. We encourage you to attend a screening consultation first to ensure we customise your training programme to your needs. This includes a Real Time Ultrasound assessment and is offered at a discount of $90 for those who book and pay for the 8 week programme. 

2. Core & Floor Pregnancy classes. These classes will help you cope with the changing demands on your body at any stage of your pregnancy and help prepare you for the upcoming birth and post natal period. They are conducted on Wednesday mornings.

3. CANdo classes are designed for people recovering from Cancer surgery and treatment particularly Breast Cancer but also appropriate for women with osteoporosis and or pelvic organ prolapse or those individuals who want a gentle introduction to exercise. 

Cost for the classes is $200 for 8 sessions or $30 casually. 

For further information re any of the Core & Floor classes please email and we will forward you further information.

GLA:D Good Life with Arthritis.

This education and exercise programme reflects the latest evidence in Osteoarthritis research.  The classes comprise of twice weekly sessions for 6 weeks with our highly skilled physiotherapists. Come to one of our free information sessions on the first Wedndesday of each month. Ring 43248081 to book. 

Dance Screening

Pre pointe assessments and tertiary dance school screening assessments available with Ruth Todd 

Join us for Pilates

Individual assessments and treatment including prescription of home exercise programmes available at Coastal Physio Clinic, and we also have our Core and Floor classes at Terrigal.

Laser Therapy 

Known as soft or cold laser this form of infra red light treatment enhances your natural healing potential. Available as laser acupuncture or used with a larger cluster probe for the treatment of acute or chronic pain of joints or muscles.  It also reduces the effects of scarring from fibrosis and can even be used to treat cording in lymphoedema. 

Hydrotherapy ( Aquatic Physiotherapy )

Individualised Exercise Programs by our skilled physiotherapists. Learn how you can benefit from an individually tailored programme and take away a laminated copy of your exercises so you can continue your programme in your own or the local council pool.


We have a range of sports-specific braces for ankle, knee, elbow, wrist and shoulder joints, and can measure for custom brace prescription. Give us a call if you need to ask questions or make an appointment for a fitting.


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