Welcome to Coastal Physiotherapy Clinic and Coastal Hand Clinic in Gosford

We are a multidisciplinary physiotherapy clinic in Gosford, on the NSW Central Coast. We provide expert care across a wide range of areas of service including assessment and treatment in the recovery from and rehabilitation of orthopaedic problems including, neck and back pain, shoulder and knee problems as well as sporting injuries and women’s, men’s and paediatric health.

We are the leading experts in Hand Injury Management on the Central Coast. Our therapists have over 30 years experience to assist you in management and rehabilitation.

Join our team!

We are looking for new physiotherapists to join our practice! If you have an interest in Hand Therapy, Musculoskeltal, sports injuries or Women’s and Men’s health, please send your cover letter and resume to coastalphysioclinic@gmail.com

Our Core and Floor Classes

Core & Floor exercise classes provides high-quality healthcare for the needs of women. Classes for postnatal and Can Do classes for Women who may be managing Health problems such as osteoporosis and prolapse and want to exercise safely, with a focus on restoration of function these small group classes allow us to tailor a programme to suit each individual.

GLA:D® – “Good Life with osteoArthritis: Denmark”

Is a program of education and exercise designed to help reduce the symptoms of hip and/or knee osteoarthritis.

There are 12 supervised exercise sessions over 6 weeks, and 2 education sessions. Please check our facebook page for regular updates re these classes.

Each session – education and exercise – will take about 60 minutes.  These sessions are run by local physiotherapists who have been trained by GLA:D® Australia.

As well as providing the treatment framework for osteoarthritis, GLA:D® Australia collects research data from participants.  This data is de-identified, which means that it can’t be used to identify participants.  We ask you to complete questionnaires with information about your health and your experiences with osteoarthritis before you start, then at 3 months and again at 12 months.  Your physiotherapist will also undertake some progression tests.  The GLA:D® Australia team will use this information to work towards improving access to the best possible care for people with osteoarthritis.

COST: $45 per exercise session. The education sessions are provided free of charge. Rebates available through your health funds under group therapy 560. Bundle and save if prepaid @ $500. Phone the practice now for your prescreening appointment which will be bulk billed or come along to on eof our free information sessions. check our FB page for the next one.

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