Core & Floor Exercise Classes

Conducted at Terrigal One Martial Arts studio (the old St Marks’ church site)

Introducing our new classes:





Postnatal classes designed to bridge the gap between the early postnatal period and traditional fitness exercise classes. With an emphasis on protecting and activating the core and floor muscles appropriately. We are particularly targeting those women who have suffered a separation of their abdominal recti muscles or who have pelvis/& or back pain but all early postnatal women are welcome. We encourage you to attend a screening consultation first to ensure we customise your training programme to your needs.

Cost for the classes is $250 for 6 sessions or $45 casually. This includes a Real-Time Ultrasound assessment and is offered at a discount of $90 for those who book and pay for the 6-week programme. Class size 3-4 max


Core & Floor Pregnancy classes

These classes will help you cope with the changing demands on your body at any stage of your pregnancy and help prepare you for the upcoming birth and postnatal period. They are conducted on Wednesday mornings.




CANdo classes are designed for people recovering from cancer surgery and treatment particularly Breast Cancer but also appropriate for women with osteoporosis and or pelvic organ prolapse or those individuals who want a gentle introduction to exercise. class size up to 6 -8 people.


Cost for the classes is $200 for 8 sessions or $30 casually. 

For further information re any of the Core & Floor classes please and we will forward you further information.