Men’s Health Physiotherapy

Men’s health is a broad term to cover conditions that may uniquely effect men. This may relate to a cancer diagnosis or simply an enlarged prostate which causes bladder or  lower urinary tract symptoms.(LUTS). Your local doctor or Specialist may refer you specifically for treatment to help you manage your LUT’s symptoms.

What to expect at your Physiotherapy appointment. Your men’s health Physiotherapist has undertaken additional training to assist your recovery. We ask you to try and have some urine in your bladder (it doesn’t have to be uncomfortably full) so that we can perform a Real Time Ultrasound on your bladder to assess your pelvic floor function. Usually the probe is placed on the lowest part of your abdomen so loose fitting trousers are ideal. We will also take a full history to see if there any other contributing factors to your symptoms. We may ask you to complete a bowel  or bladder diary.

Allow an hour for your first visit