Can laser therapy help me?

Low-level laser therapy or LLLT is a screen of light that is invisible to the human eye in the form of a concentrated narrow infrared beam. It also known as cold or soft laser as it does not heat up the tissues. 

LLLT promotes cellular level changes by enhancing the body’s natural capacity to heal by the process of photon absorption. In addition to tissue healing LLLT will also prevent fibrosis in the tissue from forming. 

LLLT is useful for

  • acute injuries like haematomas or severe bruising 
  • shoulder problems  like frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis or a rotator cuff injury 
  • chronic conditions like osteoarthritis 
  • scarring and fibrosis 
  • delayed healing of leg ulcers
  • Lymphoedema and CordinG

With regards to Lymphoedema the LLLT will lead to an increase in phagocytic activity which will help break down any build up of protein molecules that constitute lymph. LLLT also helps stimulate an immune response at a cellular level and threfore it helps reduce the incidence of an acute inflammatory response following an injury to the lymph affected area. Other benefits of LLLT in the management of Lymphoedema include an increase in lymphatic flow to help the body recycle or eliminate waste from the body which in turn assists in reducing  limb volume and limb circumference measurements. When combined with basic lymphatic drainage principles LLLT is an effective tool in management of Lymphoedema.

Laser should not be applied to infected areas or known active cancerous sites

Finally, LLLT is used to treat a variety of conditions. Ask us today if Laser therapy could be beneficial for your condition.