Can laser therapy help me?

Low-level laser therapy or LLLT is a screen of light that is invisible to the human eye in the form of a concentrated narrow infrared beam. It also known as cold or soft laser as it does not heat up the tissues. 

LLLT promotes cellular level changes by enhancing the body’s natural capacity to heal by the process of photon absorption. In addition to tissue healing LLLT may assist in preventing fibrosis forming in the connective tissue. 

LLLT is useful for:

  • acute soft tissue injuries including haematomas or severe bruising
  • Osteoarthritis in your joints.
  • chronic scar tissue

Laser Acupuncture using a much smaller probe is a great adjunct to assist in the recovery of soft tissue injuries. This non painful form of acupuncture first reads the echo returning from the connective tissue to determine the problem areas. Then once we have determined the target area we can quickly apply the laser. Often effects are felt immediately.

Ask us today if Laser therapy could be beneficial for your condition.